Dining - Is there a better place in the world for eating. Or should I say, is there a better place in the world for a romantic dinner? I don't think so. Some of the best restaurants are located in Paris. You simply cannot go wrong with a choice unless you are doing fast food dining. And even then the French standards are top of the line. Every guide book lists their favorite restaurant. As for me, I too, have a favorite but you really need to experiment for yourself. It's sometimes more than the food. You'll find the evening, the company, the ambiance...the way the food was served, your server, your greeter...or the view. So much makes up why you recommend a restaurant in addition to a great presentation of the most unforgetable morsel of food you've ever savored. What can I recommend? Well I think I'll hold off here waiting for your input too. Send me your favorites and why. I'll list them. Here's a starter.

Restaurant favorites and why:
-L'auberge Bressane - Le Motte Piquant. Ambiance, presentation, food, service, price. As for me, le Coq au Vin is to die for. (Stephens)
-Bistrot Honore - rue de Honore. Quaint restaurant. Food served in copper pots. Resident Cat is ready to accommodate any left overs. (Stephens)

Send me your recommendations to carol@ChezParis.com.

A Bientot,



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