Accommodations in Paris can be more than just renting a hotel room. Live like a Parisian. Do not hesitate. For the price of an upscale hotel room, you can rent your own little apartment in Paris. Even if you have just a small budget, you can rent a studio. as a Parisian can be yours. Read on.

It's important to know your apartment manager or rent from someone you can trust. Internet shopping is OK but will they answer you with generic no answers. If you've been lucky that is great but if you've had the same problem many folks have had, call or send me an mail. I'll help you. I know the places I recommend so that I can give you the kind of advice you need to select the right apartment for you and your family. Remember, price is not what to make decision on. If that is what drives you, then you should really rent a hotel room. I kid you not. The apartments listed here are top of the line in cleanliness, location, service, accommodations and management/ ownership. Service is key. Don't buy price. You'll be disappointed.

I've been ever so lucky. I work with a few apartment managers/owners that are responsive to me and to my clients. Their apartments are meticulously groomed and up to date. The service is impeccable. Someone will meet you at the apartment, explain everything to you, give you advice, and be available if you have a problem. Of course, you need to cook your own toast but believe me, you could not find a better apartment manager than the one's you will get renting through me.

Additionally, I will be available with information and advice regarding your visit. If I don't have the answer immediately, I'll find out for you. I'll send you maps and give you directions. It is all at no charge. It's simply a little giving back for all the French residence have given to me. I make a little commission on the apartment and car rentals but you pay no more than you would if buying directly. So find your own little pied a terre in Paris or Provence to rent or buy on my site,call me. Here's the process:

1. I'll let you know if it is available.
2. I'll send you a contract with apartment details
3. You fill in the information and email to me.
4. I"ll forward to the apartment manager confirming your stay and the price.
5. I then advise you to send send your deposit, the bank check in euros and your contract to the manager directly or send contract and deposit by paypal.
6. Reservation complete.

If you have any questions or get stuck, I'll call the manager and straighten everything out for you. All you'll need to do is call or send me an email. Simple and secure. Are you ready to go. I am.

A Bientot,


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